Services (8)

Change External Title

Request to change the external title of a direct report.

Change Managers or Division/Department/Area of Work for a Direct Report

Request to update manager, area of work, or division/department for one of your direct reports

Change My Address or Phone Number

Change your address or phone number in WestEd systems and Benefits systems. [This will go away with rollout of UKG Self Service]

Online Learning for Employees (Open Sesame)

Ask a question about access to Open Sesame, WestEd’s online external training vendor.

Regular to Temporary Status Change

Notify HR that one of your direct reports is transitioning status Regular to Temporary voluntarily.

Submit Your Own Resignation

Complete an Exit Form to notify HR that you are leaving – this will notify your direct manager.

Update Your Own Work Percentage Time

Change your FTE % (Full Time Equivalent). Notifies your manager for approval. Must occur with a payroll cycle.