Services A-Z (234)


1099 Inquries


Accessibility Support and Training


Accounting General Help

Accounts Receivable/Billing and Invoicing Help

Add New Project Labor Category (PLC) to T&M Global Rate Schedule

Alcohol Approval

Annual Home Office Expense

Apply for a P-Card


Bids and Sole Source

Book Publishing

Booking Travel Outside of Concur

Box Folder Structure Request for Projects

Business Cards and WestEd Stationery

Business License Registrations

Business Planning

Business System Support


Cell Phone Reimbursement Request

Certificate of Liability Insurance

Change External Title

Change Management

Change My Address or Phone Number

Change Order Procedures

Change to your Benefit Elections

Changing Staff on PAC Contract Record

Chart of Approvals General Questions

Check the status of or Update a PAC “Ask Legal” Request

Checks Addressed to WestEd

Commitments (PO/CEF/Subcontract)


Compliance Reviews

Computer Request

Concur Booking Issues

Confidential Computing Environment (CCE)

Conflict of Interest (COI) assistance

Connectivity Reimbursement Request

Content Area Change Request Form

Contract Dispute/Terminations

Contract Document Approval Without PAC Access

Contract Lifecycle

Contractor Performance Assessment Rating (CPARS) Questions

Copyrights and Permissions

Corporate Capability Support, Updates, & Additions

Cost Codes in Timesheets

Cost Proposal Support on Federal Contracts

Credential or Fob Not Working

Credit Card Payments to WestEd

Credit Card Refund Request



Delegation of Authority

Developing and Promoting Webinars

Developing Written Products

Direct Deposit for Payroll (UKG)

DISC Intake

Division and Leadership Financial Reports

DSP, DMP, or Data Sharing Agreement Assistance


Employee Relations Concern

End an External Temp's Assignment

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Ergonomic Evaluation

Event Agreements

Expiring Flight Credits

External Funder Reports


Fax Request

Federal Portal User Registration Support

Fee for Service


Fraud on my P-Card

Funder Research & Intelligence Gathering

Funder-Generated Agreement Amendments

Funder-Generated Agreements

Funding Opportunities

Furniture Purchase/Replacement/Move


Garage Gate Problem - SF

General Accounts Payable Help

General Business Tax Questions

General Communications Inquiry

General Contracts & Grants Requests

General Facilities Request

General Finance Request

General HR Support

General Info Security Request

General Institutional Development Request

General IT Request

General Legal Questions

General Parking Questions

General Procurement & Travel Support

General Questions About or Checking Status of Ask Legal Requests

General Shipping Support

General Software Issues

General Supply & Printing Support

Graphic Design and Formatting


Hardware Support

Help with Concur Expense Report

Help with Hotel Negotiation

Holiday Charges


ID Requests for RFP Support (For ID use only)

Intent to Provide Workspace

Internal Project Reporting

Intranet Support

Involuntary Reduction in Work or Termination

IT Project Intake

IT Training


Large Printing Jobs With Staples

Leave of Absence

Legacy T&M Project Labor Category (PLC) Request

Letter of Authorization


Life Insurance

Litigation Support

Local Mileage Reimbursement


Media Response and Strategy

Meeting Room Setup

MOU/Data Agreements


Name change on my P-Card

New Hire Onboarding

Non-Disclosure Agreement and Teaming Agreement Questions

Non-Labor Transfer Request Form

Non-project cost codes

Non-Staff Travel

Notify HR your direct report is leaving

Notify HR Your Direct Report is Reducing Time (FTE%)


Okta SSO

Online Learning for Employees (Open Sesame)

Open Enrollment

Other Agreements


PAC Support for Proposal Records

Parking for WestEd San Francisco

Past Performance (Research, Reports, References), Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

Payment Status for WestEd Invoices

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

Peripheral Request

Phone Screen, Interview, Reference Check or Closing an Opportunity

Planning off-site meetings

Post a Short-Term Internal Job (Gig)

Presenting & Representing WestEd at Conferences/Events


Project Cost Code Requests

Promoting Your Work

Promotions & JDQs


Proposal Budgeting

Proposal Examples

Proposal Support

Proposal Templates

Public Bidding

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

Purchase Order Procedures

Purchasing Cost Code Troubleshooting


Questions About an Executed Contract or Amendment


Regular to Temporary Status Change

Regular to Temporary Status Change

Rejected P-Card Charge

Remote/Hybrid Work Location Agreement

Replace my P-Card

Report Power Loss

Report Service Issue

Request for Proposal (RFP) assistance

Resource Development Cost Codes

Resume Templates & Help


Run PAC Reports


Safety issue

Salesforce Opportunities & Sales Pipeline Management

Secure Computing Enviroment (SCE)

Secure Computing Environment (SCE) Data Deletion

Secure Computing Environment (SCE) Data Transfer

Security Event - Theft/Virus/Breach

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Set Up WestEd to Receive Payment

Small Business Support

Software Request

State & Local Vendor Lists

State Strategy

Status Update on Funding/Sub-Funding Agreements


Submit Your Own Resignation

Support for Federal Research Competitions

Support with Foundation Funding


Tableau Access/Issues


Technical Consulting

Temporary Change of Approver on PAC Contract Record

TIAA Retirement Contributions/Changes

Time & Materials Project Labor Category (PLC) Request

Tracking Payment Status


Travel Request

Travel Reward programs


Update PAC proposal record

Update Your Own Work Percentage Time

UPS Account Request

UPS Batch Shipping


Vendor Portals

Verification of Employment

Video, Audio, and Podcast Production

Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) Requests



Website Design and Development

Website Support under a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

WestEd Governance Assistance (Board Help)

WestEd Office & Building Access

WestEd Staples Account Registration & Maintenance

WestEd Staples Order Support Updating

WestEd-Generated Funding Agreements & Amendments

WestEd-Generated Sub-Funding Agreements & Amendments

Work Location Type

Work Planning/Goals/Performance Evaluation (PEP)

Work-Related Injury / Workers Comp Claim

Workspace Condition

Workspace Request

Workspace/Hotel Change

Workspace/Hotel Change


Zoom Video, Chat, & Phone