Zoom Video, Chat, & Phone

Includes technical support for Zoom, including Zoom enabled conference rooms.

Conference Room Maintenance & Support Hybrid Event Support Request Web Conferencing Webinar and large meeting license request Zoom License Request Zoom Live Translation License Request Zoom Meetings & Webinars Support Zoom SMS Texting Request


Service ID: 8221
Thu 12/29/22 7:19 PM
Thu 12/29/22 7:21 PM

Service Offerings (8)

Conference Room Maintenance & Support
Report issues with meeting room conferencing equipment.
Hybrid Event Support Request
Request consultation, planning, and/or day-of support for hybrid events.
Web Conferencing
Support services for problems relating to application and hardware for Zoom webinars and meetings.
Webinar and large meeting license request
Request Zoom licenses for webinars and large meetings.
Zoom License Request
Request full Zoom license for Temporary Employees
Zoom Live Translation License Request
Request a Zoom Translated Captions license.
Zoom Meetings & Webinars
Technical support for Zoom, including account settings, meeting preparation, and reporting issues after your event. If you are having an issues during a live session, call the Support Center directly at 877-937-8338 or 415-615-3264.
Zoom SMS Texting Request
SMS text messages cannot be sent from your Zoom Phone number after March 31 unless you make a service request via WestEd Help.