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Services or Offerings?
Request annual 1099 form for Non WestEd Staff.

Submission form to collect general information about the request that can’t be located in the service catalog.

Ask any general billing questions, for example: questions about receiving payments for honorarium, stipends, or meal reimbursements.

Question about the status of your home office expense payments. Visit Home Office Expense on Inside WestEd for more info

Submit question about how to approve or reject your employee's timesheet.

For project leads; request a Box folder structure for your project.

Budget-related questions and/or requests for contract amendments or modifications.

Help with infrastructure-oriented software tools, including project tools developed by IT.

Question about WestEd payments to qualified employees for expenses necessarily incurred for work-related duties away from a WestEd office. Visit Cell Phone Allowance on Inside WestEd for more info.

Request to change the external title of a direct report.

Request to update manager, area of work, or division/department for one of your direct reports

Change your address or phone number in WestEd systems and Benefits systems. [This will go away with rollout of UKG Self Service]