My Recently Visited Services

Notify HR that one of your direct reports is transitioning status Regular to Temporary voluntarily.

Ask any general billing questions, for example: questions about receiving payments for honorarium, stipends, or meal reimbursements.

To close or have inquiries regarding commitments that are shown in Cognos commitment reports

Submission form to collect general information about the request that can’t be located in the service catalog.

Request from Contracts for Finance to confirm the project type once a contract has been processed and confirm the incorporated budget in the contract aligns with the approved proposal budget.

Request access to WestEd Enterprise Tableau Server or request assistance with access issues.

Request laptop computers for new staff.

Submit request on updating your W-4 withholding certificate.

Ask any general accounts payable questions. For example: questions about submitting reimbursement, Concur expense report, or submitting invoices for WestEd to pay.

I'd like to purchase, move or replace furniture, how do I do this?

Request for standard and non white sheet approved software. NOTE: For new software requests, depending on the software, 5 business days are required to procure and install the requested software.

Includes technical support for Zoom, including Zoom enabled conference rooms.

Request HR assistance in resume screening, scheduling and completing phone screens, scheduling interviews, and/or completing reference checks.

How do I get access credentials to either a WestEd office/suite or a building where WestEd has offices?

To request a change in your workspace or to request an assigned workspace.

Submit questions about the biweekly pay period cycle and associated timesheet pay dates.

Question about WestEd payments to qualified employees for expenses necessarily incurred for work-related duties away from a WestEd office. Visit Cell Phone Allowance on Inside WestEd for more info.

Request annual 1099 form for Non WestEd Staff.