Services (6)

Accounts Receivable/Billing and Invoicing Help

Ask any general billing questions, for example: questions about receiving payments for honorarium, stipends, or meal reimbursements.

Checks Addressed to WestEd

Assistance on sending a check to WestEd's Los Angeles lockbox. For more information on what to do with a WestEd check, please visit Receiving checks or credit card payments.

Credit Card Payments to WestEd

Assistance with Credit Card Payments. Please visit (link to ISWE article) for the the form to authorize credit card transactions for WestEd invoices and more information about credit card transactions.
Please note, the funder will need to pay a 3% processing fee for all Credit Card payments

Credit Card Refund Request

Request a refund for a CloverGo or PayPal transaction. For check refunds, please visit Accounts Payable's "New Check for Vendor (<$3k)"

Payment Status for WestEd Invoices

Assistance with how to look up WestEd invoices by cost code and see their payment statuses. Please visit (link to ISWE article) for more information about checking for payment received

Set Up WestEd to Receive Payment

Request assistance to complete forms to set up WestEd as a new vendor to receive payments from existing contracts. Forms include: WestEd W-9, set up Automated Clearing House (ACH) or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), complete New Vendor Set Up Forms, and supplier portals for WestEd. For proposal/RFP stage forms, please reach out to ID.