Services (4)

1099 Inquries

Request annual 1099 form for Non WestEd Staff.

Non-Staff Travel

Travel questions pertaining to Consultants, Participants, or Non-Staff. See Travel for Consultants, Participants or Non-Staff on Inside WestEd for more info.


Ask about payments to non-employees for participation in workshops, surveys, etc., which do not require the individual’s professional expertise. Payments are usually less than $600. To learn more or how to request a stipend, visit Type of WestEd Employees and Non Employees on Inside WestEd.

Tracking Payment Status

Inquire about submitting an invoice or check payment status of submitted and approved invoices (to be paid by WestEd) and is not shown in Cognos or non-labor report. See Tracking Payment Status on Inside WestEd for more info. To submit an invoice for payment, see Getting Your Vendor Paid on Inside WestEd.